Basic Radar

Basic Radar focuses on extreme simplicity. This app is for those who check the weather radar every few minutes and have been looking for a radar app that launches quick, immediatly loads the radar fast, and has no bells or whistles. This app shows radar images directly from the U.S. NWS for the 159 radar sites they manage in the United States.

Basic Radar lets you choose a radar site from a list, or you can let it find the nearest one either by entering your zip code or letting the app detect your location. Not all cities have their own local NWS radar, so you need to choose the nearest one. The radar loop shows about 45 minutes of radar data. There are options to show the normal precipitation view, the 1-hour accumulated precipitation, wind velocity (for those who like to do their own analysis and look for tornadoes indicated on the radar), and long-range view. You can also bookmark several radar sites to switch quickly between them.

Basic Radar does not provide any other weather information, such as forecasts. It is not developed by or affiliated with the U.S. NWS.

Copyright 2014 Matt Thomas